Noble Granite Inc.


  • How long does it takes to complete the project?
    An average of 12 business days. If project involves cabinets, it will take about 30 days.

  • I will stay without sink for all this time?
    No, the installation itself will average about 4 hours, if cabinets being installed it averages out to 7 days.

  • Can I cut on granite?
    Yes you can, granite is a very hard surface; however, we do not recommend it.

  • Can I put hot stuff on granite?
    Yes you can, granite sustains heat better than all other hard surface counters.

  • Do I need to seal my granite?
    Some stones need to be sealed, some stones do not need to be sealed, ask your salesperson for full details.

  • Will my counter have seam?
    It will depend on a few variables: kitchen layout, size of counter, and size of slab selected.

  • Will my existing faucet fit or what type of faucet do I need to buy?
    In most of the cases, we drill the hole(s) for your faucet at your home on the day of installation, shop for you faucet in advance and have it available on day of installation or let us evaluate your existing one.

  • Do you offer any finance options?
    Yes we do, ask our salesperson for our financing options.

  • Do you have insurance?
    Yes we do. Before you start your project protect yourself, ask for proof of liability and worker’s comp or a certificate of insurance.

  • Do you offer any warranty?
    Yes we do, ask our salesperson for specifics details.